Sri Lanka Bombings

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Sri Lanka police warned about suicide bombings 10 days before Easter attack
At least 185 people have died so far while over 400 others have been injured in the Sri lanka serial blasts early on Easter Sunday morning.

Sri Lanka police had alerted the nation about ten days before Sunday's serial blasts that terrorists would target prominent churches across the island nation. Security had also been increased shortly after the alert.
The police were also alerted about a suspected suicide bomber in Colombo. Foreign intelligence agencies had warned Sri Lanka about suspected "jammat" activity.
"A foreign intelligence agency has reported that the NTJ (National Thowheeth Jama'ath) is planning to carry out suicide attacks targeting prominent churches as well as the Indian high commission in Colombo," said the alert.

The NTJ is a radical Muslim group in Sri Lanka that came to prominence only last year when the outfit was linked to several Buddhist statues being vandalised.

Six serial blasts rocked Sri Lanka early on Sunday morning. The explosions hit three churches and three luxury hotels in Colombo and other parts of the country, killing 185 people.

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RE: Sri Lanka Bombings

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The Latest: Social media services blocked in Sri Lanka
1:45 p.m.

A group that monitors internet censorship says Sri Lankan authorities have blocked most social media services in the country following attacks that killed more than 200 people on Easter Sunday.
The NetBlocks observatory says it detected an intentional nationwide blackout of popular services including Facebook, YouTube, WhatsApp and Instagram.
Sri Lankan officials said Sunday they are temporarily blocking social media to curtail the spread of false information and ease tensions until their investigation is concluded.

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RE: Sri Lanka Bombings

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Außenpolitisch führt dies beispielsweise dazu, dass „wir“ zwar – zu recht – den Umgang Burmas / Myanmars mit den muslimischen Rohingya lautstark in allen internationalen Gremien anprangern und zur gleichen Zeit kein Sterbenswort über die Verfolgung und Vertreibung der orientalischen Christen verlieren.

Und dieses Verhältnis spiegelt sich auch wider im unterschiedlichen Umgang mit den Terroranschlägen von Colombo und Christchurch. Nur wenn am Ende doch noch ermittelt werden könnte, dass der österliche Massenmord in Sri Lanka nicht im Namen Allahs und seines Propheten verübt wurde, hätten die Opfer eine Chance auf eine mit Christchurch vergleichbare Anteilnahme.

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RE: Sri Lanka Bombings

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Ich nehme an dass vorstehendes irgenwie dem Spellchecker, oder dem Autocomplete geschuldet war. Aber wie auch immer, wenn das einem Demokraten, z.B. der jungen Alexandria, oder gar Praesident Obama unterlaufen waere -nicht auszudenken.

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RE: Sri Lanka Bombings

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Conservative Twitter Pounces on Obama, Clinton for Expressing Sympathy for ‘Easter Worshippers’ Killed in Sri Lankan Attacks
Is referring to someone as an "Easter worshipper" really an attempt to minimize their Christian identity?

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RE: Sri Lanka Bombings

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Sri Lanka minister: Easter bombings a response to NZ attacks
A top Sri Lanka official said Tuesday the Easter bombings that killed 321 people were carried out by a Islamic fundamentalists in apparent retaliation for the New Zealand mosque massacres last month by a white supremacist, while the Islamic State group sought to claim responsibility for the suicide blasts at churches, hotels and other sites.

Wijewardene also blamed “weakness” within Sri Lanka’s security apparatus for failing to prevent the nine bombings.
“By now it has been established that the intelligence units were aware of this attack and a group of responsible people were informed about the impending attack,” Wijewardene said. “However, this information has been circulated among only a few officials.”

He said the government had evidence that the bombings were carried out “by an Islamic fundamentalist group” in retaliation for the mosque shootings on March 15 in Christchurch, New Zealand, that killed 50 people, although he did not disclose what the evidence was.

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RE: Sri Lanka Bombings

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ISIS Claims the Easter Sunday Bombings in Sri Lanka. Here’s Why We Should Have Seen Them Coming.
Whatever the actual extent of ISIS involvement in the carnage, it knows the images of and ideology of martyrdom they demonstrate will serve its cause.

The so-called Islamic State has claimed involvement in the horrific Easter Sunday bombings that killed more than 320 people at Catholic church services and in luxury hotels in Sri Lanka. In a brief statement from its Amaq “news agency,” ISIS declared that the attackers “were ISIS” and targeted “citizens of states” in the anti-ISIS coalition.

Sri Lanka is not part of the coalition, and while some Europeans and Americans, including children, died in the attacks, most of the victims were Sri Lankan, and all those arrested in connection with the bombings so far reportedly have been from Sri Lanka. ...

Whatever the ISIS role, direct or indirect, one thing is certain, ISIS will exploit the carnage in Sri Lanka to great effect, and the killers on Easter Sunday took advantage of a situation where too many people had grown too complacent about the threat posed in countries never before seen on jihadist hit lists, and far from the usual front lines in the fight against their specific brand of terrorism.

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